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BedandBe Hostel: An accommodation with a lot of charm that’s right in the historical centre of  Córdoba !

Since opening BedandBe Hostel, we have received travelers from all corners of the globe. They have chosen us because of our reputation as the most social hostel in town. We are located in an old building on the bustling street of Jose Cruz Conde N.22 (c/ Foro Romano) that is considered one of the most famous street in the city. It is a place of charm and character with great energy, you can feel this from the moment you arrive where you’ll be greet by one of our friendly “local” hosts.

Things get better and better when you walk up our endless stairs, where you’ll get to see the beautiful rooms and get to know the rest of our lovely guests. The best part is when you reach the highest point, where you’ll find the attic and terrace. These areas are specially designed as social spaces where you’ll find it very easy to meet new people.

Our building was constructed in 1933 by the famous architect Felix Hernandez. The original structure has been conserved, with the original patio and rooftop still intact. We have also maintained its original hydraulic cement tiles, its high ceilings, and its wooden doors and windows. We have also incorporated all of the comforts to realistically live with pleasure : air conditioning and good WiFi in all of the rooms, LED television in the lounge area, and a kitchen that is fully equipped with anything you might need.

For your information, Felix Hernandez is one of the main restorer of Cordoba Cathedral-Mosque and Medina Azahares. The architect of the Plaza de las Tendillas which is considers as the actual center of the city.

So that’s… If you are ready to stay in the essence of Cordoba, climb a lot of stairs, share bathrooms and communal spaces, and get to know people from all around the world; then BedandBe Hostel is the place for you! Just choose the day and how many traveler friends you want to share our beautiful rooms with. We have dorm rooms of 3,4, and 8 beds. We also have private rooms for someone looking to get a break from things. The bathrooms are always shared but you’ll always find them clean and taken care of.

If you crave the same vibe as BedandBe Hostel plus an elevator, rooms that are more accessible, a litle swiming pool,, private bathrooms en-suite, and a much more quiet area; then we have the better option for you. You’ll find all these upgrades at our new hostel OptionBe (


Top Rated Hostels in town!

BedandBe Hostel is the second best hostel in TripAdvisor and Google. It is only shadowed by its sister OptionBe hostel . Along with the sister hostel, it has been selected as the preferred option in Cordoba by the famous guides Lonely Planet and Le Routard.

Not only is it an emblematic building, it is in a fantastic location with plenty of history and social vibe that makes BedandBe Hostel a very special place. Our family of friendly hosts from the first minute you start planning your trip, are looking forward to helping you and show are lovely Córdoba!

We are 2 hostels but only one plan! You can stay at one or the other and be involved with activities at either. All of activities are planned together which include : the walking tours in the morning, the family dinners on the terrace, flamenco shows, tapas crawls #everynightadifferentplan


The rooms and bathrooms

BedandBe Hostel has private twin rooms, as well as shared dorm rooms with either 3,4,or 8 beds. All of the beds in the shared dorms come with a private light and individual security lockers.

The bathrooms of BedandBe are always shared outside of the rooms. The bathrooms are basic without anything fancy but still very nice with everything that’s necessary and always clean!!

All of the rooms has AC (hot/cold) and all of them (minus the one located on the patio) are exterior. In each room you will find all of the original large luminous windows and some balconies. Each one face the busy commercial area in the center of Cordoba. This leads to the rooms always receiving a lot of sun light but also can be quite noisy at night. If you are looking for a quiet night, we recommend our new hostel OptionBe which is very close to BedandBe but much more tranquil street.

A good taste, great temperature, amazing energy, and reliable WIFI!


The kitchen, attic, and the terrace. Our social spaces

On the second floor we have the kitchen which is fully equipped with all electric appliances. The kitchen is always available for the guests. It’s the perfect place to share food experiences with other travelers and also local hosts.

On the top floor, all the way on the TOP, BedandBe Hostel has another small kitchen, attic, and the terrace. The attic provides access to the spacious rooftop that always provides ample sunshine. There you can enjoy the start of your day with a beautiful view and the delicious breakfast we offer until late! Then you can go up there to work if you have to with our fast WIFI, see your favorite show on the LED TV, or play cards with fellow travelers while chatting about the adventures of last night 😉 .

The terrace is perfect to see the center of Cordoba from the top, to catch some sun, or refresh yourself with our outside shower that is open all year round due to the beautiful weather of Cordoba. Along with that, we have a small garden with aromatic plants, peppers, and tomatoes that you can enjoy during breakfast or during the family dinners in the evening.

The rooftop is the highest point and was designed specifically as a social space. At the top of the endless stairs, you will have a premium time when the night arrives. We have mojito nights, delicious wine, family dinners , and movie/music nights. These are some of the nice social activities that take place here.



Calle Foro Romano 22
14001 Córdoba (España)
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We have the best scenario for you. You’ll be in the center of Cordoba where the locals buy their groceries, their clothes and where all their favourites bars /restaurants are located. We are remarkably close to Plaza de las Tendillas, main plaza in town , la Judería (historic centre) , and the famous Cathedral- Mosque and the Alcazar. If you arrive thru the train/bus, the hostel is approximately ten minutes away by foot.

If you are planning to come by car, we recommend for you to park in Calle Conde de Robledo and then walk to our place which takes about 5 minutes. The parking will cost around 16€ a night however, if you prefer to park for free you would have to park on the streets next to Avenida de la Libertad. Or around hotel Cordoba Center, about 10 minutes away from us.

We’ll provide you with a video that we’ve prepared so you can see where we are located. Also you’ll see the easiest route you can take to arrive at the hostel.

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Contact Us

Our hours of reception are 8 am till midnight. But rest assured our hosts are available 25 hours a day. We always aim to reply as fast as possible to all emails, telephone calls, and they say we are the fastest around when it comes to responding on WhatsApp.

Of course whenever you need us, we’ll always be around! But during the night we try to catch some ZZZ’s so we can be well rested for our guests the next day, so we advise you that during some hours or responses might be delayed…sorry!

If you could let us know ahead time of what time you plan to arrive, we’ll be able to receive you like you deserve. As you know the check in time is from 2 pm until 11:59 pm. But no worries if you arrive earlier, you’ll be able to leave your luggage with us until your room is available. After midnight Reception will be closed and we can no longer do any check ins.

We are very active on social media (Instagram, Facebook). Follow us before you get here so we can get to know you! Plus you’ll be able to receive all of the latest updates and enjoy special discounts! Post your photo in our pool, our patio, or your favorite place in Cordoba and we’ll post it on our page!


+34 661 42 07 33



Enjoy the city!

All of us (Jose, Borja, Juanjo, Alejandra, Andrea, Martina, Paz,…) love to help our travelers get the most out of their trip. We work with them to create a plan where they squeeze the most out of our city. You’ll get to discover it’s tricks and secrets while knowing that no two trips are identical. We’ll show you the essentials, the classics, as well as the more unknown hidden places.

We can organize you a great route for tapas, wine/beer, as well as a nature and outdoor adventures. We will get to go through the lesser known neighbourhoods that are more authentic. You deserve to relax with a bath and massage so we can book for you the best Arabs baths in town. Some of our staff like Borja are Flamenco experts so we will advice you the most authentic and spectacular shows. Whatever you can think of, we’ll be here to help. Also we will be clear with things which we would not recommend to the worst of our enemies.

We are friends with other awesome hostels through Southern Spain that give special discounts to our guests. Just ask us and we will give you tips and the promotion codes!