Córdoba Bed And Be Hostel

(Esp) Bed&Be es algo más que dos preciosos pisitos de la conocida calle Cruz Conde (centro de Córdoba).

BEDANDBE works as a bed&breakfast / hostel , complete with a host, bicycles on the ground floor, a roof terrace-solarium on the top floor!

BEDANDBE  is a lovely place where you can be comfortable, with your own sheets, blankets and towels,  white , freshly cleaned! and a breakfast waiting for you when you wake up ( no rush! you are at home)

BEDANDBE keeps the original distribution of the building. You can find dorms  with 2, 4 and 8 beds in the different floor. Bathrooms are shared and always in front of he rooms .All rooms have windows overlooking the pedestrian street José Cruz Conde, a major Street in Cordoba. On the second floor there is also a lounge with a big Tv, sofas, arm chairs,dinning tables, even a rocking chair!.The high ceilings and the many tall windows that are west-facing and look out onto the promenade, make this place very light and peaceful.

The apartments are in a building designed in 1933 by Felix Hernandez that was recently renovated in 2012 to retain its structure and original features, like the hydraulic floor tiles, large windows and high ceilings, solid wood doors, We have also incorporated all the comforts of modern life too, like: air conditioning, WIFI, Led TV, and all types of appliances (dishwasher, washing machine, dryer, induction kitchen, microwave fridge and freezer, coffee maker, kettle, toaster) in a fully equipped kitchen. Curiously, Felix Hernandez is one of the leading restorers of Madinat al-Zahra, the Mosque and he was the architect of the Plaza de las Tendillas, just a few meters away, which is also considered the center of the city.